Thought-provoking is the word and I’m still mulling over your crucifixion comment two days later, Satti.

I get where you’re coming from, it’s the law of talion / law of retaliation (“An eye for an eye”), almost as old as civilization itself, and common to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, under one guise or another.

But I can’t get behind it, never could. In France, capital punishment was abolished in 1981. Prior to this, the guillotine was used. In WA where I live, capital punishment still exists but our governor, Jay Inslee, is committed to ending it and I wholeheartedly support him.

I don’t believe men are beasts either. It’s nature v. nurture, and the nurture side is the problem, patriarchy is the problem. As long as men and women aren’t considered equals, men will continue to believe they’re entitled to sex from any female that catches their eye because they regard us as inferior.

As for Turkey becoming a member of the E.U., I very much would love for them to join. As far as I know, the death penalty was abolished in Turkey in 2004. The reasons why some countries are opposing Turkey becoming a E.U. member state are complex, some of which political. Let’s just say Erdogan isn’t typical of the E.U. heads of state we have, far too authoritarian for our liking.

I hope this changes eventually, because the E.U. is a powerful force for good.

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