To respond to your title, Eric Ridenour, no, I don’t believe you are because trolls aren’t self-aware. The worst kind of Medium user are the folks who keep inviting you to their pity party and then shoot you down in flames when you dare ask them for clarification or offer feedback, no matter how respectfully.

So I no longer engage with them. I much prefer to read pieces that’ll make me think rather than commiserate. Not that I’m an unfeeling bastard, far from it, but victimhood culture infuriates me and I refuse to be an enabler.

I also have a strict no blocking policy because I welcome feedback and different viewpoints. I’ve had many interesting convos and learned a lot by writing on this platform, and I’m still learning. Sure, I’ve had unpleasant run-ins with some folks but I’ve also noticed that the trash generally takes itself out after a while.

If I may suggest something, how about writing more about mental health? There aren’t enough men doing so openly yet. If you’re looking for a publication to join, maybe try Invisible Illness and reach out to one of their editors. I’d suggest Ryan Fan.

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