Urgh, Samantha Beach, this was another piece I hoped no one would relate to, alas.

Hydration has never been an issue with me (never not thirsty, but it’s a quirk rather than a condition, I checked!) but stomach comfort is. About 1.5 years ago, I started drinking hot water throughout the day. The thought had always grossed me out before: I love cold water, I love tea, but plain hot water? Nope.

However, a lady I worked alongside for the French elections was doing it and explained it had helped her stomach issues, which were similar to mine. So I made myself try, initially by drinking hot water with a slice of lemon in it (RIP tooth enamel… I have the world’s most sensitive teeth and that wasn’t a smart move) for a whole weekend then going plain. And it has helped immensely. I always a thermos filled with hot water on my desk and I go through several of those a day. This is also the first thing I drink when I wake up, and the last before I go to sleep.

My mother-in-law — a former head nurse in military hospitals — has been doing this for years too and kept recommending it. It does help but takes some serious getting used to. The gag reflex was a really problem at the start but it disappears after a few days.

Wishing you much strength, Sam. Keep at it and you’ll get there. xoxo

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