Victimhood culture is unfathomable to me, Tom Gregg, and I do push back against it and also the weaponizing of language and of human experience. When the word “victim” is applied to sexual assault narratives, I can’t abide it as it is completely disempowering.

We’re either survivors or we’re dead, that’s it.

Even though I’m a tree-hugging European socialist vegan hippie preaching peace and love and tolerance and equality — and living according to those very principles although I don’t impose my dietary preferences on anyone — I have no patience for circumlocution and I’m no fan of political correctness either.

I try and remain unfailingly polite in my exchanges with people but I like to get to the point fast. Sometimes, this involves a fair amount of sweariness.

Bluntness is a quality I cherish but it’s not exactly common currency in the US where so many folks are quick to take offense. The more ignorant, the more susceptible, alas.

I’m interested in debating ideas, communicating, and learning about viewpoints that are totally opposed to mine because, well, we’re never going to get a better, more enlightened society otherwise.

Whatever happened to critical thinking? Whatever happened to curiosity?

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