We’re very similar, Satti. I love Aldi too but there are none where I live. The closest thing is Trader Joe’s, which is owned by the same German group. They sell affordable food without questionable additives, which is quite rare.

As for the French and food, it might surprise you to learn I grew up all sorts of foods, from Chinese, to Italian, Moroccan, Vietnamese, Swiss, Portuguese, German, Thai, Spanish, British, Algerian, Ethiopian, Belgian, Russian, Polish, Tunisian (OMG the pastries!!!)… you name it. My father loves to eat and is always up for trying anything new, so I’ve been having culinary adventures since I was little kid.

Also, I spent the first 9 years of my life in a multicultural neighborhood, which was awesome for my taste buds. It could have been anywhere in a big American city, but it was near Paris instead.

America can be great place for anything that’s not a burger, so long as you’re not in a tiny town. I’m particularly fond of Japanese and Korean food, and could quite happily survive on kimchi and tofu… I’m always up for trying new dishes so long as no animal is involved. :-)

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