What a generous and heartfelt reply, thank you so very much for writing it, Call me what you’d like!

I would quite happily stay in America provided there is strict gun control in place as well as universal health care. I really want to live in a safe and caring country again, which is pretty much every Western country but this one.

It’s a little different for my husband as America is all he’s ever known but he’s aware of how Canada does things and how we do things in Europe and he keeps shaking his head and wondering why America persists in being so… backwards. And unfortunately we’ve been going full retrograde for the last two years.

Going through immigration again is a costly, lengthy, and complex procedure but ultimately worth it. The way things stand, I also feel it’s becoming necessary. And yet, when I came here and subsequently became a U.S. citizen I never thought I would one day prepare to leave again.

Of course things might change and America has been wont to surprise people so we’re keeping an open mind.

Thanks again for your reply, it made me feel a little less alienated for a moment. :-)

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