What a gift, James Finn! Thank you so much, I didn’t know Hugo Lapointe but off I go to listen to what else he’s recorded. Those lyrics are like a punch in the stomach… ❤

The band is Alfa Rococo. The first track of theirs I heard was a random act of algorithm that had me bolting upright in bed (I was trying to nap, something I do when insomnia is fierce) and I immediately had to find out more. Oddly enough, the track was in Spanish but they also do it in French.

I have a deep fondness for thinky electro-pop and this band delivers. Plus they did the only cover of Gainsbourg’s “Le Poinçonneur des lilas” which is actually better than the original, IMO.

Finally, the new track was “Le temps qu’il faut.”

I’m also a huge, HUGE Ariane Moffatt fan. I even wrote about it once:

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