Wow, that’s quite a punishment your brain has come up with, Satti! The reasoning behind it is fascinating however I wouldn’t wish crucifixion upon anyone, not even the ones who did me wrong. Similarly, I’m opposed to capital punishment.

Instead, I’d go for intellectual indoctrination for rapists and force them to take women’s studies classes while in jail and read seminal feminist works so they could then write an extensive essay on every single book. This would force them to reflect on their actions.

While I understand what you mean about sexual liberation, the root of all evil isn’t that people are free to enjoy their sexuality but that some men believe sex is owed to them, and that they can help themselves to a woman’s body whenever they want.

Besides, rape also occurs within marriages, and it remains completely taboo.

Thanks as ever for your reply, it’s always thought-provoking.

Peace. 😉

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