Ye gods, what have I ever done to invite such pettiness and nastiness?!

I’ll give you a clue: journalism is service. In Europe, we have a robust public media. It stands for something and those who work in it don’t do it for fame or kudos, but because they believe in service.

I’m one of those people. That anyone should put other people first may be an impossible concept for you to wrap your head around — in this rabid capitalistic society that is America — but in the interest of self-edification, why don’t you try?

And maybe educate yourself about Portugal and the Azores in particular. Google is your shepherd here.

Also, you do not know me personally — despite what I write online — so I’d be grateful if you could refrain from scathing pronouncements and ad hominem attacks.

Because civility is one of the hallmarks of civilized people.

Lastly, no one is making you read my work. If it stirs up such extravagant displays of misogynist rage in you, I suggest you steer clear from it lest your blood pressure should suffer.

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