Yeah… we have a huge populism problem in the EU too.

That’s why Marine Le Pen got to the second round of French presidential elections in 2017 and why she likely will do so again in 2022.

Whether we French will find it in ourselves to do the decent thing and push back once more remains to be seen. It wasn’t the first time we had to set our political differences aside for the common good and it won’t be the last. (At the time of writing, I do believe we’ll rise to the challenge. I also trust Macron to keep pushing France forward. He isn’t a crowd pleaser but he’s mightily efficient and driven, and he’s winning friends and allies that way.)

Italy, meanwhile, is a mess (not to mention Poland, Hungary, and Austria) and everywhere you look, there’s populism. Even in Germany.

Look at the epic shit show that is Brexit!

I do however hang on to the belief human decency can and will prevail, at least in France and Germany because we are keenly aware of our history.

As for the US, I really don’t know what’s coming next. The ascendency of Trump wasn’t a surprise to me but at the time I kept being told I was paranoid even though Brexit was the warning the US chose to ignore. The lack of global political awareness among Americans is part of how Trump got to where he is.

His reelection won’t come as a surprise to me either.

May I be wrong.

What about you, Allan? What do you predict and why? Do Dems have a chance do you think, and if so with whom?

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