You have the life I aspire to, Erika Sauter. We made the move from Seattle to a tiny town on the other side of Puget Sound almost a year ago, utterly fed up with city life and tech bros.

My husband commutes daily (on the ferry, so it’s no hardship as the ride is gorgeous), I’m home-based. Our tiny town has a strong countryside feel alas we live in a development (because we wanted a place that had sewers rather than a septic tank) so there’s… too many people around. This being said, it’s quiet at night, unlike the city. Living here is temporary however, perhaps for another couple of years and then we’ll move again.

Your lifestyle reminds of my grandparents’, especially the tomatoes and zukes that tasted nothing like store-bought. Papi and Mamie grew everything, including strawberries, potatoes, beans and they forever spoiled my taste buds for commercial food.

Lastly, your line about reading books stunned me: it’s always been my lifestyle, despite being an urban dweller for most of my life, but I realize this is somewhat unusual, especially in the U.S. As a kid, I was taught to make my own entertainment and TV was strictly rationed. My husband, on the other hand, was literally raised by TV and it’s remained a hard drug to this day although we haven’t had cable service for the last four years and no longer own a TV. Anything we consume is online and requires a little leg work as opposed to absent-mindedly beaching oneself on the sofa, remote in hand.

Thank you so much for your words: I’ve never been to Iowa but you’ve made me curious now and I’m probably not the only one.

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