Your Ordinary is my Extraordinary

The consistency of good love

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If you remember thinking of each other as friends then waking up one morning knowing and feeling it is so much more;

If you keep showing up for each other day after day regardless of circumstances;

If you don’t need to verbalize how you feel because your actions speak for themselves;

If you try and tackle personal issues jointly rather than resent, ignore, or run away from them;

If you can entrust your vulnerability to each other and feel safe together;

If you do not ever have to worry about your honesty triggering susceptibility because the latter isn’t even in your vocabulary;

If you can hug with wild abandon even when you feel wronged;

If you can apologize sincerely when you have wronged the other;

If you can be blunt, hear inconvenient truths, and use them as an opportunity to strengthen and grow your relationship;

If you’re both free to be yourselves without ever fearing judgment;

If your partner’s happiness and well-being are indistinguishable from your own;

If your relationship is powered by mutual curiosity, appreciation, and respect;

If you inspire and empower each other to be and do your best;

If yours is an ongoing conversation where silent pauses are never uncomfortable;

If you make a point of choosing each other anew every day and showing it;

If your presence in each other’s life counts as much when you’re together as when you’re apart;

If you know, without having to ask, that you have each other’s backs;

If you both prioritize the love you give over the love you receive then yours is good love, the kind that feels like a miracle because it runs deeper than words…

Good love is omnipresent without the need for constant validation.

Because neither of you questions it but you both celebrate it daily in the little things you share.

Because it anchors you both and gives you a sense of belonging as well as freedom to be your unedited selves.

Because you cherish and nurture it with conversations, confessions, and care.

Because it is self-evident, unwavering, solid.

With heartfelt thanks to Kris Gage for the piece that prompted this one.

I’m a French-American writer, journalist, and editor living out of a suitcase in transit between North America and Europe. To continue the conversation, follow the bird. For email and everything else, deets in bio.

The human condition is not a pathology・👋ASingularStory[at]gmail・ ☕️

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