You’re very kind, mario savioni. As a freelancer, I actually am my own business but by necessity rather than choice at the moment.

However, a friend and I are setting up something together as well so I’ll be sure to report back when we’re further forward. We won’t do encyclopedias though but words are most definitely involved.

I’ll also be getting fixed geographical coordinates again soon, which paves the way for the kind of professional plentitude that enables me to live rather than just survive and of course much-needed therapy at long, long last.

So I should “make it” at some point, but until then, I must continue to knuckle down and navigate an increasingly complex transition that has been ongoing for over a year.

So far, so good: I’m more alive than I have been since 2013 and that is nothing short of a miracle I am thankful for every single day. :-)

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